Does waxing also make your hair grow back darker?
I’ve got some very blond-white hair on my chin that I want to get removed. After meeting with 2 electrologists they both say they can’t see the hair properly. One of them told me I should wax, but I’m scared that maybe it’ll make the hair grow dark just like plucking it.

It is not recommended ,to pluck or wax facial hair, especially on hormonally driven areas e.g upper lip and chin. Waxing and tweezing can make it worse. Anytime you rip a hair from the follicle , blood rushes to the area. Blood supply is what nourishes the dermal papila of a hair to grow.So you are encouraging healthier hair to return in place of the one you just removed. Also blood affects the surrounding tissue as well, so it can stimulate nearby follicle to grow hairs.

I would look for an electrologist that is equipped with good lighting and magnification and comfortable with working on blonde hairs.

For what you want to remove, you must find an electrologist with good lighting and magnification, as S.Tehfe says.

Electrologists have “always” said that waxing is bad, but it isn’t always bad. Hormonal hair can become coarser after being ripped out by tweezing or waxing many times, but not all hair is hormonal. Some hair can go away after being repeatedly waxed or tweezed - we’ve all seen those girls with no eyebrows, and I’ve known people whose waxing made their upper lip hair disappear for good. So…waxing can be a gamble, since most people don’t know if their hair is hormonal or simply genetic without hormonal influence.

Those fine hairs can be removed with electrolysis, but your electrologist must have good lighting and magnification and good electrolysis technique.

If you can see it enough to pluck it, an electrologist with proper magnification should be able to see them easily in order to treat. I would look for a better equipped electrologist. Otherwise, clip or shave the hairs.

My usual electrologist took some out from a certain area last visit. It looks a lot better in my opinion though she still thinks I should leave it alone. She has 14 years of experience and I trust her for the work. I’m gonna ask her to do the rest next time.

I did some hormonal tests for the opposite reason, I have too much progesterone, but I’m not gonna take my chances and wax it!