does waxing increase hair growth? Cos I waxed my chin and I noticed that the growth had increased. Please help

waxing shouldn’t increase hair growth actually long term waxing should have the opposite effect. The two most likely culprits are that some of the hairs were broken and grew out from a thicker/darker place on the hair shaft ( a siliar situation to shaving) or when your new growth cycle came in the hairs appeared more prominent because they were appearing on a bare feild. I would reccomend trying again, with a professional waxer using a hard type wax, hopefully this will help.


Sorry to have to disagree with WAAX.

Over the long term, waxing in fact does hair growth over the long term on everything apart from the lower legs & the eyebrows. The chin and upper lip area will experience an increase.

The only way to reduce and permanently remove hair is through electrolysis.

I waxed for many years and eventually had to wax my upper lip 2 to 3 times a week. It was ridiculous and was ruining my skin. Since April I’ve been getting electrolysis and the results have been fabulous. I haven’t needed to get out my waxing pot at all and those thick ugly hairs have disappeared. Highly recommended.


electrolysis is indeed the only proven permanent way to remove hair. However, waxing does not cause in increase in hair growth. External methods for removal only change the visible aspectes of hairs and sometimes their physical structures. It is internal influences that affect the actual number of hairs which grown, these include heridity, hormones and weight. Chances are that if you are truly seeing a much larger number of hairs growing it is hormone related and caused by changes in age or weight, this kind of major change should indicate a trip to the Dr who might be able to track down the source of your problem and prescribe for it.