Hey i am going on a trip here in a few weeks and was wondering what at home waxing products work best and if it is a better idea to go to a salon? How long they usually last? This website is so helpful thank you


IF you have never waxed yourself before, then get it done professionally… go a couple of days before, so the ‘freshly plucked chicken’ look will have subsided, and you should be good to go out in the Sun after after a few days, I trust you will be using sunblock anyway…

What areas are you planning on having waxed, and what sort of trip is it…? I presume you mean a holiday…

As for the period it lasts, well, give it 6 or 8 weeks and you will be hairy again…



hi theo
i really feel you should get a professional job done. home waxes can be tricky and difficult to get some areas. plus the wax can be messy and end up in unwanted places like your hair(as mine did). if you had more time you could have experimented for some time at home, but its always nice to be happy and secure that the job has been done well by a professional. :relaxed: