waxing worsening hair growth

I saw an old post by greta and wanted to reply.

Waxing has definitely worsened my hair growth. i waxed my arms at an early age because i felt concious about the hair on them. that is perhaps the biggest regret i have. the hair on my arms is now longer, darker, and what is most obvious is that there are more hair follicles per square area of skin. i barely had fuzz on my upper arms as well as the inner areas of my forearms and now there is longer more visible hair there. i also used to have light hair on my fingers and now it too is darker and longer. same with my upper thighs.

my advice to anyone who is thinking about waxing areas that have only a little bit of fuzz is DON’T DO IT!!! especially upper arms, belly, face, and chest. fortunately, i haven’t touched my belly and chest areas and don’t plan to. it’s totally normal to have a little fuzz in those areas and no one else really notices it but you.
those are my 2 cents.

Also, i feel i have a lot of hair growth on my entire thighs, not just around my knees, but extening up to my bikini area. does anyone have this same problem? is this normal. again, for those thinking about waxing areas of really light hair, DON’T DO IT!!!