waxing woes. please help.

I have tried having my upper lip waxed proffessionally off and on for years.This always resulted in redness, bumps and swelling often lasting for days.Most recently the last time I got a professional upper lip waxing it resulted in a severe reaction. Luckily, I was with a friend. By the time I got to my car my upper lip was so swollen and deformed I thought I would have to go to the emergency room.I saw a pharmacist instead who sold me benydril cream which helped, but the effects lasted a couple of days. I have alot of upper lip hair but I am afraid to go for another waxing. Do you know of any others that have had this type of reaction?
Any suggestions? Thanks, sasa

It sounds like you are having an alegic reaction to something. If you have been going to different waxers at different salons each time I can only assume that is one of several commonly used ingrediants- you would probebly know if you are allergic to lanolin or aloe but the culprit might be a resin alergie. Theree is a couple of waxes out there that are resin free but you would deffinatly have to search for someone who uses them.
The other option is to give up on waxing and try laser or electrolasys both which have there own pros and cons.
good luck

Thanks Autumn for such a quick response. Since I am definitely not allergic to aloe or lanolin the resin might be something to consider. Could it be possible that my skin is just sensitive to the procedure of waxing itself? Sometimes when I pluck my eyebrows I get minor swelling.

I’ll see if I can find anyone who doesn’t use resin. I really don’t want to start paying out money for expensive procedures such as lasers that have sometimes dubious results.
Thanks again.

your skin might be too sensitive for waxing but you rarely see that on someone who isn’t taking medication or suffering from something like roscea. If the pharmasist gave you benadryl and it helped that sounds like an alergic reaction. Try the resin free wax and deffinatly insist on having your waxer use hard wax which is the gentlest on skin. If you still react yo might have to consider something else.
let me know how it goes