waxing with hair inhabitor

hi all,

after doing bit of reading about waxing… and umm was told that to use hair inhabitor to reduce hair growth instead of waxing frequently. I ask you experts out that if that is true.

they also said that hair inhabitor is a scam and they also said kalo is probably that currently works. i find it hard to believe right now. Someone would explain to me why it doesnt work or whatever…


Hair inhibitors have not been tested under clinical conditions to show they can work as claimed. The only topical hair inhibitor that has been proven through clinical studies is Vaniqa.

You will find a lot of people who claim Kalo is working. Try to find someone who is still satisfied one year after they stopped using Kalo. You will not find anyone who did not have to go back to reoving hair.

Save your money and skip the Kalo till there is some published proof in a medical journal.

perhaps you should read my article about waxing

Maybe i’m getting confused. I think i’ve read a lot that if you wax you should also use a hair inhibitor, however if only one hair inhibitor is proven to work and it’s prescription what hair inhibitor is recommended that we can all get at a general store, or is there one? Thanks!

There isn’t a proven hair inhibitor you can buy at a store. none of them have had their active ingredient clinically proven with published medical data. Most of them won’t even tell you what the active ingredient is. It’s usually secret herbs and spices of some kind.

The only active ingredient with clinical data to back up their claims is eflornithine hydrochloride, sold under the name Vaniqa.

If you looked at kalo website, they have some clinic data facts? that should be proven. I suppose everyone here is anti inhabitors. I’m just giving it a go, for like 3 months, and i’ll post some results here.

We are all pro-inhibitors, but we expect them to have published clinical data that backs their claims. Kalo does not have this.

Hi everyone! I realize that Kalo is an “imperfect” form of hair removal but so is shaving, waxing, using depilatories and epilating–these methods are all non-permanent as well as time consuming and can be painful. My question is whether Kalo works at all and how long you can go between applications. Does it cause a lot of skin irritation such as Veet? Any input that you might have would be great! Thanks!

There is no evidence in published clinical literature that Kalo works at all.