Waxing Vs Sugaring: Help Please!!!

I’m new here and new to the world of hair removal other than shaving. I plan on starting electrolysis soon, but not until I return from a couple vacations. I need longer lasting hair removal than shaving for these vacations. I leave on July 28. I’ll only be gone until August 1, but I don’t want to have to worry about shaving while I’m gone at all! So here go my questions…
-?- how long before I leave for vacay should I have the waxing/sugaring done? I’m planning on having all of my legs done and possibly my bikini line.

Also, I am leaving for a second trip on AUgust 11 and returning AUgust 15.
-?- Would the results from the 1st wax/sugaring last through then or not?
-?- Which do you all prefer - waxing or sugaring?
-?- Is the pain any different or less with one or the other?
-?- Do they last the same length of time? I just need all sorts of general info about these procedures. They cost virtually the exact same where I live (I’m going with a pro for at least the first time), so I don’t know which one to go with. Waxing or sugaring? Any and all help and answers to my questions are GREATLY appreciated!

my experiance with waxing/sugaring is that the Sugar stuff doesnt seem to work as well, i have waxed my chest/stomach/back. the chest gets red for a few days but my back and stomach never react. if its ur first chest waxing, id say do it a week before u go. the first time i waxed my chest, it flared up and got white heads and was very red for a little more than a week. so basicly go out and do it soon