Waxing... then hydrogen peroxide?

Recently I’ve been using some spot treatments of hydrogen peroxide with an antibiotic for some backne. If I got my back waxed would it be ok to use this the same day afterwards? Is it even a good idea for me to get my back waxed given that I have acne prone skin (there’s not much at the moment though)?

I got waxed before, when I was hairier and I completely broke out for weeks with something… I might give it another shot now and try to have better aftercare. Please advise.

I wouldn’t use those harsh creams until redness and irritation from waxing subsides.

Are you seeing ingrown hairs or actual acne?

Avoiding sweating and keeping the area dry and clean would help avoid it. Also, you can use a body wash that has some acne medicine in it.

After waxing, try using witch hazel to help the skin heal. Avoid anything oily.

If you are having a professional wax you, make sure they are using a new applicator (tongue depressor) each time they dip into the wax. No double dipping. If they double dip with you, then they double dipped with others, and their germies went into the wax pot and could be spread onto your skin.

Oops, I said hydrogen peroxide (not a good idea). What I meant was benzoyl peroxide.

Anyways, it was years ago, and Im not sure if it was acne or ingrown hairs or how to tell for sure.

Thanks for the tips.

After waxing, immediately apply the witch hazel and then either azulene or aloe gel.
Waxing can stimulate the sebaceous glands which for some, will result in some acne.