waxing strips

Hey what is a good waxing strip that has aloe or something to make it a little less painful. do you know a website or a place where i can order it. thank you so much i do not know what i would have done without this site


If you want Aloe, you can buy that at any store.

I don’t think that aloe within a strip will make removing hair less uncomfortable?
Do you keep your skin taut, when applying and removing the strips?

Aloe, is a good natural moisturizer for after you remove the hair.

yeah it is not to bad, i do keep my skin taunt, but i didn’t know if there was a strip that had it or not or with one would people reccomend. and where i could get it. thanks for reply i appericate it.

i know that Jolen do wax strips with Aloe. i used them once but i have to say i didnt think they took off that much. i think they’re better for tidying up or like taking on holidays for a top up or something like that. like to catch the odd stray hair here and there. otherwise they’re a bit weak. but they smell lovely!


Are you doing a large area or a small area?

yeah it will be a large area like my chest and stomach.