Waxing question

Hello all. I am new here and have a quick question. I have considered getting some waxing on some unwanted hair but wanted to know what type (if any) irritation there may be to the skin. If there usually is any, how long does that usually last? I would be going to a professional if this makes any difference. Thanks for you help.

going to a professional is always best-
as far as irratation goes- expect to be red for one hour to about a day depending on your skin, how much hair is being removed and from where. Some people get ingrowns which resemble a minor case of acne but there are ways to help prevent them- also any side effects would get less every time you wax

Thanks for your reply. I am a male and considering waxing for back hair. Therefore, it would be a large area. To say I am embarrased in going to a salon for this would be an understatement. In your practice, are there very many men than come through your doors? Thanks again, and I hope these questions are too annoying.

a good percentage of my clients are male and a back wax is not a really big deal. Over all the whole thing should take less than 15 min unless you are very large. You shouldn’t feel embaressed, if you are worried about it you might find easier if you can find a place, not a salon, that specializes in waxing, male services or a combo place like a tanning/waxing salon. If you are located in the US go to waxwaxwax.com they have a good list of waxers who could help.