Waxing prior to facial clearing?

I am a MtF TS and I have had my face cleared via electrolysis 4 times now. I am happy with the results so far.

The first three times I went she had me do a close shave 4 days prior to treatment. My last clearing was done by a new electrologist who suggested that in the future I have my face waxed prior to the treatment instead of shaving because waxing would increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Do you think this statement is valid?


No. If you are shaving that is good enough because the hair that is active will still spurt forth within hours to three days, thus showing the electrologist which hairs are in the anagen phase.

I would just get started and shave a day or two before treatment for this particular situation.


Hi Dora:

I agree with Dee’s advice and that of your first electrologist.

Try to keep getting full clearances and that should take care of the new hair in the growth phase.

Good luck!


that statement would only be valid before you started any treatments. At this point, if you’ve been going regularly, your hair is synchronized and there is no reason for it. It would actually be counteractive because you’d be sending some of the hairs into dormancy.