Waxing prices

I’m thinking about going in and getting my chest waxed. About how long and how much should I expect to pay for this? Also I’m looking at maybe getting electrolysis done on stray hairs on my shoulders and back, again how much would this cost and how much time? Thanks for any info!

Waxing prices vary;but I found that the average price for waxing a back was about $35.

I think it is a mistake to worry about how long it takes or how much it will cost to remove your back hair by electrolysis;because you are probably not going to have it all done at one time. Instead get work done on the back whenever you have the time and the money. One day you’ll wake up and find that it is all cleared off and you won’t remember how many hours it took or remember how much it cost. I find if someone told me how long and how much before I started,I might not have ever started. Now I am so glad I just plugged along and can proudly show off my smooth back and shoulders. The compliments you will get for a non-hairy back will be worth the decision to do it. Lets us know as you progress.

Do you know what the normal cost would be for chest if it’s different? I’m a poor college student so just trying to make sure I’m not spending more then the average.

for a back or a chest waxing it should run about thirty dollars give or take. You might try calling local beauty schools and see what they charge, sometimes it can be substantially less.