Waxing / Plucking terminal hair coarse regrowth

I am a guy that has recently started waxing hair around my chest area . Some of it is thick dark terminal hair that leaves rough stubble while the rest is is fine black soft hair that is barely visible. I recently read on these forums that plucking can cause hair to grow back thicker and am now worried that the fine hairs will grow back thicker. Assuming this does happen , will they go back to being fine hairs if I stop plucking/waxing the area and stick to shaving?

Age is an important factor here, it is normal for guys to become more hirsute as they age. The younger you are, the more likely this is to accererate what would eventually occur naturally. The rough stubble are hairs that did not release from the roots. Are you waxing it yourself? Sorry, I know this is not what you wanted to hear.

I get the waxing done at a salon . I get it done because for alot of sports I do it is good (and sometimes necessary) to minimize body hair. If waxing is just going to make things worse then I will just go back to shaving. Thanks for your help.

The broken off hairs (rough stubble) could be from shaving some time ago. They will eventually be shed.