Hello, I’m new to this forum. Someone told me that if you wax your legs for a long time, (1 to 2 years), that eventually your hair will stop growing. Has anyone else heard this? Does anyone know if it’s true?

hi there,

well your post as some truth in it. i can only tell you of my own personaly experiencee… i have been sugaring (which is like almost identical to waxing) for the past like 6 years. I still have hair growth (no doubt), but the hairs on my legs have become less thicker and darker than before and if you look closely some follicles dont seem to grow hair anymore. same things with my arms. nevertheless, there is still hair, lots of it, that still needs to be cleared out regularly.

maybe it will be different for ppl who already have thinner and less hair. and you might have better results. but there is some decrease with waxing after several years of using it.

i doubt 1 to 2 years.

good luck!

Hi- I believe that someone’s response to waxing depends on her hormones and hair type. I have very dense coarse dark hair on my legs and arms and when I’ve waxed it, it has become thicker with each successive time. My arm hair almost doubled from 2 treatments. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but this is how my body reacted. On the other hand, my electrologist said that some people’s hair does thin out from waxing- maybe you will be lucky this way!

well, i guess i won’t be too lucky since my hair is pretty coarse and dark. unless my hormones are different. well, i guess i’ll have to see for myself. i’m just scared because my legs are so sensitive. i hope i don’t get a bad reaction. which is less painful, waxing or sugaring?

yes… it does depend on hormones and stuff like that…

i have dark, thick hair on my legs… and with sugaring… it has gotten thinner… arm hair… i cant really remmeber what it used to look like…

in terms of pain… sugaring and waxing both feel the same… it hurts, the longer the hair… but after a few times… you can tolerate it better… but sugaring is a much better clean up than waxing.

good luck!