Waxing my chest?

Hi, I am new to this website, and I was hoping to get some advice! I have some fairly short, maybe 1/8-1/4 inch long chest hair that are really annoying, and I wanted to wax them, but had no clue what wax to get. I heard that most waxes needed at least 1/2 an inch of hair to be effective and I didn’t know if there was one that would fit my needs and would still be safe! I have somewhat sensitive and thin chest skin. I did use nair hair removal spray once, and it stung a little, not much though. It’s not really thick hairs and they aren’t really that thick, but they are really annoying and I’d like a smoothe chest.

I would suggest having this professionally done, at least for your first time. If you are young,you do not yet have all the chest hair, that you will ultimately have, and waxing could result in the acceleration of this natural process.

I am 21, is that considered young enough that I don’t have all my chest hair? Also I am a student and therefore do not have the money to spend on getting it done professionally :(. I am assuming that professionally waxed is somewhat pricey, and I’ve seen self-waxing kits for $10-15 which is more in my price range really :/. Any thoughts? I really don’t have much chest hair, and from the size of the strips that I’ve seen, it would take maybe 2-3 for me to be done.

Males continue to become hairier until about age 40. I would advise you to not wax, unless you dont mind speeding up this process.

jawshie, I echo Christine.

The problem with home wax kits is that the wax is generally not very good, especially for short hairs. Also, there is a technique to wax so that you do not cause the skin too much trauma and the hairs are not broken. I would really recommend saving the money to have it professionally done from a reputable salon. You can learn how to wax yourself but it takes practice and I do not think you want to put the delicate skin of your chest at risk. Also, some people find they react badly to waxing this area, so you would want to check this first as well… if you have it professionally done you can have more confidence that it’s not your technique if it reacts badly.

Before Laser, I used to wax at home but I invested in a professional wax heater and professional waxes (it would cost about £10 for the sort of wax pots I would buy). There is a world of difference between these and the self-waxing kits. If you go to a salon, I’d recommend finding one that uses a low temperature cream wax for short hairs, or hard wax. The latter is more difficult to use but excellent for areas like the underarm or bikini where the skin is more sensitive… the chest would be the same.

Waxing speeds up the hair growth process? Is that the same for creams like nair or shaving? Because I heard that it was a myth for shaving.

Also would getting professionally waxed speed up the process as well? I really don’t want to use nair because I’m sure it can’t be good for the skin probably? And the shaving is itchy :(. Also do you know how much professionally waxed chests usually cost?

Nair and shaving will not affect the hair roots, so will be fine. Waxing, whether professionally done or not can have the same outcome ,particularly on someone of your age, who does not yet have all the hair, that they will ultimately have.

Oh gotcha. What is your opinion of Nair? I understand that it uses chemicals (I think?) to get rid of the hair, but as far as health / skin wise, what do you think? I know there is a Nair creme that is dermatologist approved, but I don’t know how much weight that really carries.

Nair is chemical shaving, the result is identical to shaving.

What I meant to say, is do you think that it is bad for your skin or health with the chemicals it uses?

I would not recommend hair removal cream. From what I hear, the skin darkens over time with continued use.

Some? Many? electrologists believe that depilatories such as Nair, can cause the hair problem to worsen because it irritates the skin.

Its clear the all electrologists disparage any hair removal treatment except their own, and this is why you must disregard 95% of what they say.

Its clear the all electrologists disparage any hair removal treatment except their own, and this is why you must disregard 95% of what they say. [/quote]

Perhaps because we, electrologists, witness the damage that these temporary systems cause in people?
I do not know if you are aware of the damage you’re doing here, johanSheff. The Electrolysis is the only option for many people and you are destroying their only hope.
If you have evidence of something more effective than Electrolysis, expose it here, or shut up. Otherwise we might think that you are looking for controversy.

here! here! to what Josefa said :wink:

I absolutely agree with Josefa.

Its important to remember that many people dont know that electrolysis is an option (for example on large body areas like the chest). I didn’t know before I joined as a member on hairtell. Laser is advertised way to much I think. Its so important that people get to see the effect of well performed electrolysis, something that can spare them tonns of time, money and dissapointments.

I also think that other depilators makes the problem worse. You can get ingrowns, skin irritations, stimulate more hairs… etc

Well said Josefa!

Hi JohnSheff,

Since I have administered all types of hair removal, trained to do all types of hair removal, have no allegiance to any one type of hair removal method since I see the value of all types of hair removal, I recommend based on the person’s situation.

If you can relate to the agony of those who suffer with unwanted hair, then you might look at all options. In the end, after trying all types of hair removal, it was electrolysis that kept me from joining the circus as the bearded lady.

The criteria for basing my suggestions are: economics, skin type, skin pigment, hair type, hair pigment.

Hi Jawsie,

If you have some money but not much, and want immediate relief from unwanted chest hair, professional waxing is the way to go. Go every 6 weeks.

If you just have a little money, shave and replace blade as soon as you detect it is not as sharp.

I like the depilatories for small areas but the chest is so large and will not end up being economical. The pH of depilatories is very high and is usually okay as long as the enclosed instructions are followed.

And on a final note, I want to add that I love the way Josefa expresses herself. Her commitment and passion is inspiring.