Waxing Legs for Guys


Fellas, I am looking for some knowledge. Is waxing legs worth all the hassle? I figure a blade or trimmer can do the trick but for those who work out, do you find waxing the legs to have long-term benefits in relation to shaving/trimming? If so, what are they? I won’t consider laser until I have tried it on other less noticeable parts first (i.e., buttocks) but if you guys have experiences with permanent hair removal on the legs, feel free to share.



Sure you could wax your legs but it’s always the time factor envolved.

I think it would be better to either shave or Epilate. Both are much quicker for similar results.


I have to step in to this one and disagree… shaved legs are not anything like waxed legs, esp. after 2 or 3 days…

You will spend more time shaving to keep up the smooth look than you will on waxing your legs every 4/6/8 weeks… probably more in razors and creams too…

I would strongly suggest waxing… it is set & forget for 4 weeks minimum…

An epilator is a good tool for after-waxing maintenance…

You will always be a ‘slave to the blade’ if you don’t consider waxing…



Yeah, but I hear that with some people after waxing, mainly men, that their hair can grow back as quick as about 10 days? I guess each person is different.


Yes, usually after waxing you will start to see the hair again in 10 to 12 days but you still have to wait till it’s at least 4mm long before waxing again.


I think that there is definitely a difference between shaving and waxing. Matter of fact I am getting my legs waxed tomorrow - I can’t wait. The smoothness lasts more than 1 day and you don’t have the same stubble. I do get regrowth after a 7-10 days but it is minimal and it takes about a month for me to get to the level of growth that would only take two weeks after shaving - plus I don’t have to go throught the hassle of shaving every few days. One benefit of shaving though - once you shave it is smooth right away and you can have that feeling any time - just shave and you get it. But it goes away just as quickly.
Just my opinion and experience.
I am very glad that I took the jump to wax my legs. I get most of my body waxed and I am really glad that I have done it.