I want to wax my chest but know nothing about this stuff anyhelp?Thanks

FFC: My goal is to encourage men to go smooth;especially in areas of the chest,back, underarms and pubic regions. To assist beginners on waxing methods, I am willing to help them free if they live in the So. Cal area; but I would like them to pay for the waxing kit or equipment, I’ll devote my time in getting the hair off with the wax. Anyone interested,let me know so a time can be arranged.

If you can find it I like the GiGi Strip Free Hunee waxing kit iv used it a couple of times and I luv it there is no strips so u can work faster. Its a hard wax. I just waxed last week agin full body and it works great for me totaly smooth. The only thing is that the kit dosent say to but to get a good wax u do need to put on some baby powder befor u wax just a light dusting and when ur done u might have like a sticky resido on ur skin or even some wax still on u get some cooking oil and rub it all over were u just waxed and the oil will take off the resido and the left over wax ok if u got any more questions just ask vi tryed just about everything sept electrolisis and laser which im saving up for the electrolisis now


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