Waxing for men


I’m a 20 y/o male, and not from the states.
I’ve experienced 4 waxings of my chest and stomache, lower back (once).
the last time i’ve had it waxed was the worst from the after-effects, I would like to hear about the skincare to avoid these awful side-affects.
I have a few questions, they’re pretty common but i would like to hear the direct answers :

1.after the waxing, I had these little “Pimples” on my upper chest, which are pretty UGLY and nasty to whoever sees them, is there a way to avoid these little scars of wax? skin aftercare that takes care of them?

2.After waxing, my lower stomache fills up with underskin
hairs, that take ages to come out, and the last resort seems like having to pop them out with double sided pressure applied and the tip of the hair peeps out of the skin, then pulled with tweezers. not the best technique i know but still…

3.what is there to do to ease the pain if there is a way? any grandma ideas, or just maybe plain aloe ?

4.what would you suggest to do before the actual waxing procedure, bathing in hot water maybe? i’ve heard of some baby powder?

5.what-to-do and what not-to-do after the waxing, for instance i heard not to apply hot water right after the waxing?

i’d really appreciate the help, and please take in mind I am NOT in the states and that the products you have over there aren’t that easy to fetch in israel.


139068; I was 25 before I realized that peace of mind never happens with constant waxing. It can only come about with permanent hair removal. Therefore start saving money to get some permanent removal treatment from time to time. I went the electrolysis route and it took a few years;but in the end i am no longer worrying about shaving,waxing or etc.