Waxing for Black, males


hey guys
this site is really awesome. You all seem really cool, and are very helpful to people who have questions

well I got one to throw out here

I’m a 20 year old Black male, who’s starting to get some…not a lot…but noticeable chest hair

I’m considering gettin rid of it. By waxing (myself)…since Shaving seems not the best way to do it

I was wondering since ingrown hairs is common, on black peoples face

will it happen to my chest if I start?

what is the “normal” amount of time for hair to grow back? (is it about 2 weeks?)

and what is the best waxing product to buy? (I’m in canada)

The reason I started a whole new thread, is that I looked and checked if there’s any topics on blacks, who wax. And I couldn’t find any

thanks to anyone who can give me a hand. I’d really appreciate it

*lol its funny that I will have more hair on my chest than on my face…lol I still can’t grow real good chunk of facial hair