waxing female stomach/chest?

I have these embarrassing light and fine but noticable hairs that grow from my chest down to my stomach. I’ve been seeing an electrolysist for awhile, but we’re focusing on other areas first so this is still a problem for me. I’m going to a beach vacation in early June, and I don’t want to feel self conscious in my bathing suit. :frowning: Thanks for your help!


Since your electrolysist is already focusing on other areas, yes you could do waxing on your chest and stomach in the meantime.

I’ve waxed a number of occasions and never had a problem either with a professional or myself doing the waxing.
I’m thinking that maybe your technique wasn’t right or your skin could be extremely sensitive or even both.
How long are you going to be at the beach?
Because, even waxing is good for about 2 or 3 weeks before the hairs start comming back.

I’l be gone for 2 weeks. :smile:


I guess this the first time that your thinking about waxing from this area(chest/stomach)?

The difference is:
The first time you wax/epilatate you remove about 90 some odd % of the hairs and the rest are broken.

Those broken hairs will surface fairly quickly. I would guess, in about a week.

After the first time, almost all of the hairs are removed. You shouldn’t see any hairs for over 2/2.5 weeks.

Oooh I didn’t know that, thank you. :smile: Maybe I should do the waxing this week and then again right before my trip. You’ve been really helpful!

Why don’t u try bleaching them? It’s quick so u can do it whenever & makes hair unoticeable even if ur skin is dark.

do you wax your WHOLE stomach: upto your waist or do you wax the centre line going down?

is your hair like mine? (i posted up a picture of mine on the ‘emotional’ mesageboard)

you say you get electrolysis on your stomach? doesnt it take a long time beause that area is so LARGE in comparison to a small area eg facial.