Waxing bumps that are not ingrowns....

When i nair or wax my arms, i get bumps just about a few hours afterwards, so i am thinking these are not ingrown hairs - too soon. What are they. Some of them turn white and then turn into blemishes, but never have hairs that eventually surface out of them. Anyway to get rid of these? Cause i would love to wax my arms instead of shave, and i’d almost rather nair them than shave. Thanks.

This is a very common side effect of wacing that everyone gets to a greater or lesser degree. Using witch hazel and aloe gel on the area immediately after can help soother the red bumps down a little quicker.

The white pustules should never be popped-- use witch hazel or Tend Skin on them until they clear. Cleansing the area before and immediately after waxing or epilating and keeping things clean and sweat-free until the bumps go down can greatly reduce the pustules.

Awesome, thanks Andrea! You are just beyond a wealth of hair removal information, thank you so much for all this help/information.

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