waxing between treatments

Is it bad if you do this?
I’m realising it’s going to take ages so I think im gonna wax certain areas (that have been treated a little) and just focus on one section for now.

You shouldn’t wax between treatments. If you’re doing electrolysis properly, you should come in for long treatments in the beginning to clear the area you want hairfree. After that, you come in as soon as new hair appears and kill it. So there shouldn’t be any period where waxing would even be necessary.

Has your electrologist noticed. If not, and you have been waxing over a few months, I would have concerns about the competency of your practitioner. Perhaps you are seeing different operators.

I think it’s gonna take about 15 hours to clear my upper arms/shoulders and am only at hour like 3 atm so that’s why I ask.

Have you considered the possibility of cutting your hair?

There are machines that quickly cut all the hair with the same length. With an inch or two, the hair would be quite invisible for others and this would not impact the work of your electrologist.

It’s best to shave, not wax. Also, schedule longer treatments and often in the beginning to get that clearance asap.