Waxing between Laser Treatments?

Greetings all,

I have had three (3) laser treatments on my back which costs me $300 each time. Since I am between jobs and money is tight, is it possible to have a wax in between the laser treatments? I have heard that once you start laser treatments, you can never go back to waxing. Just wondering since it is also hard to shave my back between treatments since you cannot reach it all.

Thanks! James

waxing is counter-effective to laser since it brings blood flow to the follicles and stimulates the hair. plus, it disrupts the growth cycle of the hair, which is the one thing you’re trying to avoid while getting laser since hair needs to be in a certain cycle at once to be killed. if you wax, you’re basically wasting treatments/postponing results. you can and should only shave during treatments. is there anyone who can help you do it? also, if you run a search, others have talked about special razors that can reach tough spots.

What about waxing 6 weeks prior to the first treatment to try and get the hair cycles aligned better? Does that theory have any merit?

In that case, I would wait a minimum of six weeks. The more hair there is to treat, the better. Of course, if you wait too long, the hairs will start getting out of sync.

waxing before the first treatment is fine. i did that and my treatments worked out great. you should wait at LEAST 6 weeks, more like 8-10 weeks afterwards though before the treatments. make sure most of the hair is back before you go in.

Thanks lagirl,

No I do not have anyone to help me as I am single, but I will do the search you had mentioned.