Waxing before laser

With summer soon approaching I feel the urge to get rid of the hair on my upper arms, shoulders, neck and back, especially cos it can be seen when I’m wearing a T shirt. I’ve recently finished my studies and will soon be starting a professional career. However at the moment I don’t have too much money saved up. My plan is to wax those areas for this summer and then by the end of the year to start laser treatment.

What I want to know is that will waxing in the summer affect the results of the laser treatments I intend to undertake later in the year? ie does waxing make the hair grow back thicker or even lead to new hair growth? Am I better off leaving waxing altogether and put up with being hairy for yet another summer?

Yes, waxing could effect laser treatments. If you do decide to wax, you don’t want to start laser treatments for at least 6 weeks after the last wax job – probably longer. The more hair that is present, the more effective the laser treatments will be. You might already know this, but waxing removes the hair by the root. So there is nothing there to treat with laser.

Thanks for the reply, I know waxing removes hair from the root and therefore you cannot have laser treatments for at least 5-6 weeks whilst the hair comes back. My main question is that will waxing lead to more hair growth and thus make it harder to remove by laser?

I only plan on having 2-3 waxes during the summer and then probably start laser in November/December. Will these 2 waxes affect my hair growth?

I seriously doubt that a couple of waxing will effect hair growth. I’ve read some things that waxing and plucking could cause hairs to become thicker or more coarse. But, thats over a period of time. I also read a post recently that waxing or plucking (over a period of time) could actually cause some thinning or even a tad bit of reduction to some areas of the body such as legs. I don’t have any documentation to back up either one of these claims. To answer your question again, and I believe that others will concur, a couple of waxing should not have any effect. Waiting until November or December to start laser treatments is a good idea, too.

I’ll throw in my two cents. I’m in agreement with BRR on this waxing advice.