Waxing at salon


Hi all,

Question for those who get waxing at a salon. I am getting my lower legs waxed for the 3rd time: do you usually recommend sitting up, or lying down? The esthetician said I could lie down, which reduces my ‘wincing’ since I don’t directly see when she is pulling off the wax, but I wonder if it is best to keep an eye on what she is doing. What do others do during the waxing procedure?

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Put it this way, which way do you feel more comfortable?

The wax part will be the same for her and the third time for you is very easy(if this is your third time in a row).


Lay down and just relax…

I get virtually my whole body waxed… so I am on my front, on my back, sitting up, arms up, arms down… the elbows would have to be the most awkward areas…

As long as she is holding the skin reasonably taut as she pulls away the strip, the pain is minimized…

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