Waxing arm hair


Hi everyone. I’m an African-American woman who has a lot of dark arm hair. It’s finer on my upper arms, but even there, it’s still much more than "peach fuzz. On my forearms, the hair is long and fairly coarse. Another thing you should know is that my body hair grows very fast. I used to have my legs professionally waxed, but decided it was not worth the money when my legs would be covered with sharp, painful stubble only 3 or 4 days after waxing. I’m worried the same thing will happen if I wax or use some other method of epilation on my arms.

I used to be overweight so I always kept my arms covered up. But now I am in good shape and I’m tired of covering up my arms, but I’m embarrassed by the hair.

I’m going to an out-of-town formal event in 5 weeks and I will be wearing a sleeveless evening dress. (I have been unable to find an evening dress with sleeves that isn’t dowdy, and that would not be way too hot in 90 degree weather!)

What would be the best method for me to use to have smooth arms for this event? I am considering having my arms waxed next week, buying a Braun Eversoft to use in between waxing, and then scheduling another wax for the day before the event. Any advice about this? Whatever your advice, I will bring a cardigan with me to wear over my lovely dress, just in case my arms are horribly stubbly or irritated on the big day!

(By the way, this is my first post here, but I’m sure it won’t be my last as I have a lot of body and facial hair in places that most women do not.)


Well, if you are going to wax your arms, I would do it a few days before the event. Just in case your skin reacts badly. You could do a patch test yourself with a home kit. I like mircotweeze, I picked it up at Sally’s beauty supply. I have sugared my forearms before. I have also shaved them. I am also African-American and I prefer to wax, however waxing and tweezing tend to cause ingrown hairs on our skin. But if you didn’t have a problem with that when you waxed your legs, then your arms should be ok. I hope that helps.