Waxing and tweezing can lesson results of electrolysis

Hello, i thought this would be interesting. It came up in one of my replies to a post i made, but i think it is quite a good thing to know.

Tweezing or waxing can cause enough trauma to stimulate the dermal papilla (the end of the hair that electrolysis has to get to for it to work). Cutting, shaving, and depilatories do not reach the dermal papilla and do not affect growth.

So if anyone has had bad results due to electrolysis, its very likely that previous waxing and tweezing have caused this. This is also the case in Laser hair removal, where the light travels in a straight line. If the dermal papilla (root) has been distorted and moved to an angle through waxing or tweezing, the light rays of laser, wont reach the desired area that it is required to do so for results.

So i advise anyone whos just starting off with hair removal to rather go straight to electrolysis, and skip the waxing or tweezing, it may be a tad expensive, but the results will be a lot better and very possible permanent! (unless however one has a hormonal problem).

There are a lot of cases where electrolysis/laser does work for people who have waxed and plucked before, but for best results, start off with electrolysis, or laser on untouched hair, as this will increase your chance for permanant results…

thanks for listening,

it’s pretty simple. tweezing and waxing can make the hair stronger as it stimulates more blood flow to the follicle as it regenerates itself each time. electrolysis will work faster on untouched hair because the hair is not used to regenerating and is weaker. in terms of laser, this is not necessarily true though since laser works by targeting the dark pigment and the thickest darkest most coarse hair has the most of it. so, laser will actually work better on dark coarse dense hair for most.

This is very interesting, I used to waxed my face! I had a small problem now I have a big one. I had my hormones checked and everything was fine years ago but I am going to repro. endo. early next month to make sure i don’t have a pcos or another hormone issue that would cause this growth. The hairs are thick and dark and they were fine (and actually not that bad) before I waxed.

Does this mean if everything were OK hormonally than electrolysis would not work for me because I used to wax??? TIA

Electrolysis will work on fine or coarse hair. It might take a bit longer on hair that’s more coarse and more used to regenerating, but it will work regardless.

A skilled electrologist can permanently destroy any color of hair on any color of skin whether it is thick or thin, distorted or not distorted. If you are hormonally healthy and balanced then all the better for a quicker end to your unwanted facial hair.

While you are waiting fo your endo appointment, there would be nothing wrong with you starting a search for a good electrologist and actually starting treatment on your facial hair. You could call the doctor’s office and ask who they recommend for electrolysis, so you would get you off to an earlier start. The thick hairs you have presently will not revert back to fine hair, so you are going to need electrolysis anyway. With a skilled practitioner using up-to-date equipment and special techniques it is very possible to get thick (growing) hair in one or at the most two attempts.

I’m not at all surprised by your waxing outcome observation when it comes to facial hair.