waxing and electrolysis

I have decided in my plan with hair removal that I am going to go to the electrolysis about 3 weeks after each waxing having some work done and then going back to the wax again. Has anyone used waxing and electrolysis in conjunction? Also can anyone tell what the average number of hairs removed per hour would be? thanks

It has been proven that when you wax, hair grows back faster and coarser because when you wax, you increase blood supply to the hair follicle which stimulates the hair follicle to produce a thicker and coarser hair. Therefore, waxing in conjunction with electrolysis would just lengthen your electrolysis treatment time and just cost you more money in the long run to remove your hair permanently. I found this very interesting wibe site that conducted a study on different types of hair removal methods and hair growth rates resulting from these hair removal methods. Great website:
You will see that waxing will cause your hair growth rate to increase over time.