Waxing after laser?

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I’ve had a good reduction from laser on my lower legs and underarms (from several years ago) and won’t be having any more treatments. I do still shave both areas, which is mostly fine because there is much less hair than there was. My question is, would I also be able to wax these areas as well, or is there a way that doing that could undo the work of the laser treatments?!

Thanks all.

Interesting question.
I don’t know the answer but I can think out loud and speculate with things I do know.
Many women report that waxing over a number of years has killed some of their hair on legs and bikini. (no chance of this happening on the face!)
On the other hand, waxing rips the hair follicles causing a healing response which brings blood, growth factors and hormones to the area. There is some potential for sprouting some dormant follicles into growth stage.
However, I dead follicle is dead and it won’t produce a hair the same way you can’t hatch a chicken from a boiled egg.
In my opinion, it is safe to have waxing. I don’t believe it will umdo your laser results

waxing/ threading/tweezing or any method which pulls the hair out by the root without destroying the follicle will over time lead to ingrown and cause the hair to become couarser and more firmly rooted, and often distorted or ingrown.

So the long and short answer is…yes…it will.

You can wax. You won’t undo the good laser results. If you don’t want to shave anymore and the hair is fine, have an electrologist knock out the rest of the hair, permanently.

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Thanks very much for the advice, all. Sounds like the safest way to go might be to stick with shaving until I get around to more permanent clearing sessions.

Seconding Deedra. Waxing won’t undo your results, but if you have some coarse stragglers, it may be worth the investment to zap them.