Waxing after electrolysis?

Hi guys!!! I’m glad to report that my face has gotten a LOT better after just 3.5 months of electrolysis. I was initially going about 2 times/week, now I’ve scaled it down to once a week or 10 days. My hair used to be awful, like a full on beard. Thick coarse black hairs everywhere on my face, neck. After a year of laser, with hair that just kept coming back, I decided to try electrolysis. I am so happy I did. My hairs are really light and soft now, but of course there are hairs that are still a little thick and dark (some patches, or randoms here and there).

Not that I’m complaining, I am ecstatic. I will be going for more treatments for the next 6-ish weeks, and after that I will be moving to the US for college. Then I wouldn’t really be able to afford constant treatments, so I was hoping to get your guys professional opinions. Now my hairs are still everywhere on my face, of course much better, but I was wondering would it be extremely stupid of me to wax my face? Or will that just undo everything we accomplished in the last few months?

Please let me know my options, of course I will restart electrolysis within a year or so, but is waxing/bleaching okay or it’s a big NO-NO?

Thanks guys!!!

Hi beardy23, I am glad your treatment is working out well for you. Waxing and tweezing are a big no no especially in hormonally stimulated areas.

Some options you may have is bleaching, cutting the hair back with a small scissors or shaving. When you use these options you are not actually interferring with the follicle. You may feel the hair to be thicker, but that is only because you are cutting the hair at its thickest point, but you are not interferring with the follicle. Good luck!

You indicated that you have seen progress with electrolysis but you will not be able to afford treatment anymore and are considering waxing. S. Tehfe gave you good advice.

Perhaps you can muster up the $30 or so and get a 15 minute treatment every so often. In this way, the electrologist can work on the fine hairs that are transitioning into thicker ones - as you indicate that you still have random coarse hairs.

All the best.

Thanks for the info guys! I am sooo scared of shaving now it’s not even funny! Before I started my laser, I would shave my face literally every day (I’m a girl by the way :…)It was horrible to just feel the thickness and coarseness coming back just after like 10 hours or less…Are you guys sure that they’re not going to turn thick and black as before?

Waxing is MORE likely to cause your hair to become thicker, darker, and more plentiful. The lesser of the evils is certainly clipping or shaving the hairs.

If you are not comfortable shaving, then bleach your hairs and cut back the thicker or longer hairs with small scissors . clipping or shaving does not strengthen the follicle, yes you might feel the hair a little thicker or looking a little darker,this is because when you cut the hsir you are cutting it at the thickest point but you are not interferring with the follicle. I can totally understand you saying I am a girl and not feeling comfortable to say you shave your face, I have plenty female clients who feel the same when shaving is mentioned .and all feel more happier to cut back or bleach.