Waxing 6 weeks prior laser treatment

Will it help to get more anagen phase hair, if wax the legs 6 weeks before the treatment?


If you wax about 8-10 weeks before the first treatment, most of the hair will be in anagen and therefore you can potentially get much better results from a first treatment than someone who just usually shaves.

Hair follicles can be effectively treated in any stage. It is a fallacy that follicles must be treated in anagen.

I’m quite sure follicles need to be in anagen to respond to Laser treatment.


@hairadictor: for us. Not for the red light.

Telogen follicles have a lot less dark melanin than anagen hairs. Really obvious if You see each hair at 6X magnification. Actually, reduction of melanin starts to occur before the follicle actually shrinks during its telogen development.

Which, btw, makes Electrolysis more efficient. We can treat hair in any phase.

The hair doesn’t need to be in anagen for laser to be effective. The reason waxing beforehand helps is mostly visual as you’ll get all hairs in anagen at once, and thus synchronize the cycles and thus kill all hair in one cycle at once at each treatment. So your visual results after each treatment will be more obvious and you will likely require fewer treatments overall.

Btw, 6 weeks ahead is too short. Wait 8-10 weeks at least post waxing.

The electrolysis statements are also misleading. Hair DOES need to be in anagen for the most effective electrolysis treatment.

LAgirl, I know you haven’t been around much lately so you’ve probably missed the discussions about electrolysis on telogen hairs. It is most certainly effective having had huge numbers of telogen follicles killed by Josefa myself.

As for Laser, beate’s post makes complete sense and I was going to comment further saying established anagen hairs respond best I feel. I had much faster results on the areas I waxed prior to first treatment as that initial treatment was so much more effective.

My opinion hasn’t changed from before. To clarify, I didn’t say it wasn’t POSSIBLE to treat hairs with electrolysis in telogen. I said it’s not most effective. Also, 99% of electrologists are not skilled enough to do it.

It has more to do with not knowing it is possible than not being skilled enough. The most effective electrolysis treatment is WITH treating telogen hairs. Beate’s comments were not misleading.

If there is not enough melanin in telogen hairs then Laser cannot sufficiently damage those follicles in possible settings, just as it cannot remove fine hairs.

I agree with you Stoppit, the electrologists who insist that only anagen treatment will be successful is because they refuse to try to use another strategy. The saddest thing about this whole affair is that many are working on virgin hairs (many in telogen) with very good results, however, they do not associate the idea that these hairs killed, were in telogen.

There is a great quote to define this situation:

[size:11pt]“The reason some electrologists cannot kill a follicle in telogen is because their brain is in telogen!”[/size](Michael Bono)

We have to consider the fact that most electrologists can’t do this properly when advising posters though. When I’m advising, I’m assuming they’re going to someone who knows about 5% of what electrologists and laser specialists on this forum know, so I advise to plan around that person’s skill level to get results.