Waxing 1st timer-your advice


I’ve been embarrassed all my life with bikini area. Going on 2-wk tropical vacation this sunday and i’m thinking about waxing. My problem is that my bikini and upper thighs are very sensitive and I get ingrowths/bumps very easy-one day after shaving and I have to hide behind a towel. If I have my bikini & thigh area waxed this close to vacation time will I have the same odds of breaking out in the middle of vacation? If I could be smooth for at least 7-days it would be a vast improvement. Suggestions?


You stand more chance of getting a longer lasting result with waxing, but the criteria would be to have it done professionally, and a few days before you leave, in order for any redness to subside…

Also, mention the sensitivity to the waxing technician, and they may be able to use a modified technique, or a different product, perhaps a cold wax or such…

Good luck, have a great holiday…



Thanks for your suggestions David. I decided to go to a day spa and let a professional take care of it on Friday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Reading the posts on this forum has been very helpful. I went out to the drugstore and purchased the Braun electric shaver another poster suggested to help me through the in between stages, along with aloe vera and baby powder.


Have you considered an Epilator instead of a shaver for in-between sessions…? Have a look at the epilator forum… it seems that the shaving could become a problem if you have sensitive skin, whereas epilation may be the answer…