Waxiing at home?

My wife and I are looking for a at home wax kit or products for bikini line hair removal. What type of products are recommended and how is the wax applied and removed. I have not made it to the local beauty supply yet and just wondered what the pros and cons are. Also anyone have experience with salons in the Palm Springs area that offer waxing for both men and women?


If you haven’t had a pro waxing before, you might find it helpful to get one done and obxserve the technique before trying it at home. Ask questions as they go along.

For home use, I usually recommend the kind that you heat up in a little pot and apply with a tongue depressor. These require pressing strips into the wax at just the right moment, and it does take time to get it right. You and your wife can practice on each other. One Touch and Sally Hansen brands are bnoth good and usually easy to find, or you can order them on Folica.

could a man remove his beard by waxing/sugaring?