Wax still on face?


I am so new to waxing, and I feel really dumb, but I had a severe reaction when I waxed my face and I think there is still dried wax on my face - but I’m really not sure…it is scaly and rough, but is very tender b/c some of the skin came off. I have tried mineral oil, azulene oil, exfoliation, washing my face a million times, etc. It has been 4 days…and I am desperate…I am afraid the skin will not be able to heal until it’s gone or my skin will grow over it…can anyone help? I would appreciate ANY advice…

Look in your pantry and get out the olive oil.
Olive oil breaks down the wax.

Since you are not even sure it is the wax… are you inferring that it might be peeling skin from all of the self administered exfoliation?

Have you tried other forms of facial hair removal?
After administering all types of hair removal, at this time, I am still convinced that the best for the face is electrolysis.

Good luck.

Thank you so much for the advice…I will try it as soon as I get home from work! About it possibly being peeling skin…maybe, but it just seems too tough and hard to be skin…I’m just not sure. It’ just my gut that thinks it’s wax. I have tried electrolysis and laser hair removal with meladine. I had to travel 2 1/2 hours for the electrolysis and I had about 10 sessions. I had so much hair(kind of like peach fuzz but longer), that it was extremely difficult to see if there was difference. Plus, I had scabbing for days afterwards. I did laser with a topical product called meladine. If it worked at all, then it was too little to notice. So after 3 laser sessions, I gave up. I just get exremely frustrated and am always trying something new, so I decided, that I would just wax and see how that went - obviously, not so well!!!

Anyhow, thanks, so much for the advice!!! I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for this tip about olive oil. I tried an at home waxing product which did nothing but leave a bunch of wax on my skin. I was going crazy trying to figure out how to remove it. I just tried the olive oil and it worked immediately!! Thanks!