Hello All,

I just found this site and registered. I am here to answer any and all questions about waxing! I have my own Educational waxing DVD so don’t be embarrassed to ask anything!


Geeeeeee Thanx!

I am a male and recently had a brazilian wax by Ashley and she is outstanding. It shows when she removes the hair from the scrotum Men (and women) give her a call for unforgettable smoothness; and don’t forget your underarms while your at it.

So, tell us about your educational waxing DVD?

I have never waxed my abdomen area before and i really need to get it waxed (the “happy trail”), so i am going to a spa to get it done and am extremely nervous and embarrased… should i expect a lot of irritation?? and what is the best thing to put on my stomach after waxing to keep from getting irritation?? also, do you know how long i should expect to be hair-free until i start seeing stubble again??
thank you very much

On your abdomin you shouldn’t expect too much irratation, and it is deffinatly one of the less painful areas to get waxed.
You should wait for 24-48 hours befor you start any kind of post treatment. After that I would suggest that you use a loofa with shower gel (just not bar soap) and apply in a circular motion two or three times a week (no more). the first time you get waxed your regrowth will come in quicker, expect to be ready in about four weeks, after that you should be able to extend the time between each wax to six week and eventually even longer.
It is important that you keep up with your waxing. You wont have tradtional stubble but rather a fine regrowth. If you quit waxing your hair will most likely return to its origanal state and when you go back you will have to start all over again.
I think you will really enjoy the effect
good luck