Wax Opinion

I tried waxing today with Nair 15 Second Hair Remover Kit. I had never waxed before, and was having trouble shaving in dormitory showers. I paid $9.99 US, and it came with Paper, the wax(duh), an applicator, and 3 “Azulene Oil Towelettes.” Being that I am rather inexperienced in this field, I read all directions several times before I actually applied it. I microwaved the wax for the appropriate time, and began applying. As soon as I tore off the first strip, I felt a bit of a sting, but that was about it. However, I still had several patches of hair that were extremely difficult to remove. I basically just did one area before I gave up completely because I felt it was DEFINATELY not worth the sticky disgusting mess, nor was it worth the stinging red bumps it left behind. :blush:

Kimmie - So how long did the smooth results last? About as long as shaving? Were the ends sharp and prickly like from shaving or were they more “burnished” and therefore less irritating?

Thanks for any follow-up!

Thanks for the report! Waxing is not as easy as some people might think. That’s why a lot of states require a license.

Using the buffing products on freshly waxed skin is definitely not a good idea, so I’m glad it didn’t make the redness worse.

Those buffers are a great option for some, especially on legs and arms, but be sure to try it on an area that’s not visible before going at your face, in case you have a bad reaction to it. And remember, a little pressure goes a long way-- use a VERY light touch!