wax in hair

hi i’ve managed to get some wax into my hair while doing waxing on myself! (should have gone to a professional!) but my question is does anyone know how to get it out without having to cut it out. i’ve tried a hot shower…didn’t work. :roll_eyes:

You did not speak to the length of your hair, or where the unwanted wax is located. Depending on where it is, you can place the hair between two pieces of paper and run a warm iron over the paper until the wax melts, and blot off the rest.

If the hair is too short, or you still have residue after this, you can try Dry Cleaning Solution, Alcohol, and your favorite Grease Cutting Cleaner. All these are available from your grocery store, pharmacy, or department store.

Put a little dry cleaning solution on the area, chase it with some alcohol, and then rub off the solution and wax with a warm(or hot) wash cloth soaked in soapy water using the best grease cutting cleaner you have available. Repeat the process until you have cleared the area of wax residue. Some cleaners like Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C.) available from Quixtar.com claim to be able to clear up wax with no help from other solvents or surfactants, but I have not had the occasion to test these claims. I only know that LOC works wonderful on Motor Oil Stains in the driveway. :grin:

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