Waterville: Accentuous Electrolysis

Accentuous Electrolysis

Barbra Berube CPE

From a 2003 letter:

Hello my name is Barbara Berube. I’m the owner of Accentuous Electrolysis in Maine. I’ve had a few calls lately saying they’ve seen me on the internet and I decided to look today. I found my ad on your site and would like to update some information. If that’s ok with you.

Barbara Berube C.P.E my email address is barbie2@gwi.net

Accentuous Electrolysis telephone 207 877-2218
143 Silver St. Unit 8
Waterville Me. 04901

Hours M-W 9-5pm, T-TH 10-8pm and Sat. by appt.

I work with gold and insulated disposable probes. I wear gloves. I follow strict sanitation measures.
My office is private and professional, It’s located in a medical building. I love being and electrologist. I feel like I make a difference every day. Helping men and women feel better about themselves and their bodies.
I work alone. I’m very quick and accurate. I also work on gentials when it gets to the stage where surgery is near. I’m comfortable doing so after working on face and chest and other body areas. Once both client and myself are comfortable with each other.
I offer free a consultation
I do display my Certifications, proudly i might add.

Respondent Comments: I am very pleased with her. She is sensitive towards feelings and the physical pain involved. Results are there, hair goes, and the price is right. No BS.