was electrolysis a good pick?

hello! I’ve already had two 1-hour sessions with my technician (a month interval) but I’m still not sure it was a right choice - I need advice.
I’ve had my back done- it was dark hair, but not all over it, just upper area between shoulders and below shoulder blades. right now it’s all in pimples and scabs (whole area is red)-it was the same after first visit and some dissapeared, some not. She said it looked fine.
She never told me to shave before the visit (you know - to make the hair get into growth stage- I just read here people do it)- does that matter?
How long does it take for a pulled out hair to regrow (I need to see if this really worked or the hair will reappear before going any further).
Does laser have any permanent effects? does that hurt the same? Should you shave before treatment with both methods?

thank You

Shaving doesn’t put your hair into growth stage, it only gives an indication of what hairs ARE in growth stage, as the growing ones will grow, and the shedding ones will only push out. Casual observation will show the difference in the length of hairs, and you know the longer ones are growing, and the shorter ones are not. People just treat the growing ones, and pluck the shedding ones in this case.

My experience and the experience of the people I know who have had laser is that it hurts more than electrolysis. Maybe not during the treatment, because either the hand piece is cooled, or they have used a topical local anesthetic, but after the treatment is over, the pain and irritation is real, and lasts a while.

As for the hair you have had removed already, I would hope that you took a “before” picture to compare yourself to now, as your perception of what you had is not reliable. Also, due to the cyclical nature of hair growth, you would not be able to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment just by stopping at this point, as the time when you would best be able to tell how good the work was is next year the same month as you had a full clearance, if you were to stop right now.

I hope that you did have consultations with as many electrolysis providers in your area before settling on the one you are with, and that you thought her/him to be the best in the area. If you did not, perhaps you should do some more research on just what is available in your area.

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Thank You very much. I am really a layman as I can see. No, I haven’t done any research of electrologists here (Cracow, Poland), save searching on the web for addresses in the area. I have found many laser clinics around, but only this one electrolysis provider, and after reading some info on hairfacts, I phoned and arranged a visit. It’s a long time practicioner I can tell, and at least one popular actress was happy with visits there (seems silly as a proof of good work but that’s all I know). I don’t know anybody else to consult here. I don’t suppose any of my female friend did this, just because it’s not cheap and theyre students.
Of course I haven’t taken a picture of my back - still I will let You know how it is going anyway if I happen to notice any difference though I know it may be biased.
I thought that if hair wasn’t treated right it will regrow in some 2 month time (as it happened when I once waxed it)

I would ask again about the laser - if its effects are permanent? Just now rather of sheer curiosity, since even Angela seems to like the idea for dark numerous hairs.

And thank You again James.

If you have light skin and dark hair, laser can be a good option for a couple of treatments, followed by electrolysis.

I don’t know what the rules are in your country, but many European countries have almost no regulation of hair removal practitioners. That means it is extremely difficult to find someone who is good. You should only go to someone who is recommended by a consumer who is done and happy.

thank You

unfortunately I don’t know anyone but the providers of these services I could ask about them (maybe cross-examining :slight_smile: -just kidding - my friends wouldn’t rather use these methods as they are quite expensive for students.

I assume that You say laser MEANS permanent effect on some hairs (I think of such effect like electrolysis - if properly done, the hair won’t grow any more from treated follicle) - as to my hair it’s pretty dark and skin is probably type III (fitzpatrick)

right now I’m happy with having my back “electrolysed”, just its only week after and I still have red bumps (hope there won’t be any of these “keloids” mentioned in other posts)

if laser can get permanent effects maybe i’ll try it later on my stomach (there’s many black hairs)
I just get scared by posts saying that after some time people had same hair problems (let alone burns and scars) and were few thousands dollars poorer. Don’t wanna feel I’ve wasted my money.

There are no guarantees with laser, but you can increase your chance for success with a highly experienced practitioner using a good laser at the right treatment parameters and schedule.

thank you
this leaves me with question about any people having had permanent effects with lasers, but I guess it’s slightly off-topic here. I’ll try the laser forum. :smile:
thanks for help & that’s really a great place to visit when one feels lost in hair problems :grin: