Warrenton: Electrolysis Centre, Inc.

<B>Electrolysis Centre, <A Name=war>Inc.</B><BR>

<I>Charlotte D. Gabor</I><P>

20A John Marshall Street<BR>

Warrenton, VA 22186<BR>

(540) 349-1245<BR>


<B>Office Hours:</B><BR>

Mon - Sat & Evenings by Appointment<P>

<B>Description of Practice:</B><BR>

Charlotte D. Gabor has been practicing electrolysis in Northern Virginia since 1982. She is a member of the Association of Virginia Electrologists, the American Electrolysis Association and the International Guild of Professional Electrologists. She offers a safe, affordable, permanent solution for the problems of excess hair in both men and women, using both the Thermolysis and Blend Method. She provides doctor referrals and adheres to rigid sterilization procedures. A new medical breakthrough eliminates discomfort. The Electrolysis Centre has offices in Warrenton and Manassas for your convenience. Please mention this directory for a complimentary consultation and thirty minute treatment. There is absolutely no obligation. <BR>