warnings about Epilators

okey here’s my story.i’ve always had body hair, which never bothered me at all, sure i had to shave, and bleach, but that was never a problem for me. Untill one day i decided to use an epilator on my bikini line, and guess what? i loved the results for about two weeks, I mean i couldn’t believe it i had smooth, hair free skin. So i tried it on my stomach to get the same results. Unfortunately all my happiness went down the drain once i started getting ingrown hair everywhere. so i stopped using it, and hoping that time will heal my skin… wrong. today it’s been 6-7 months since i stopped using the damn thing, but the area is still very ugly, i have scars from the damn thing , that would probably never heal and compelety go away. i’ve been getting laser to remove the hair , but i doubt that it will ever get me my old skin back. I didnt have dark, thick black hair on my stomach before i used the epilator, but now i do, plus all the brown spots and scars from the ingrown hair, and my bikini line is a mess , i can’t even look there. and the thing is my sister has the same problem with using the epilator, so maybe you guys should really look in to it before using it, i mean it’s not worth it at all. stick to bleaching and shaving at least they dont damage your skin permenta ly