Wanted: Minneapolis laser referral

Hi, I am new to Minneapolis and am looking for a new laser hair removal provider in the area–Asian skin tone, dark hair, need occasional treatments for fine hair regrowth on neck/lower half of face. I was happy with my old provider, they used machines from Candela and Cynosure, 16-18 jules of energy, 15mm spot size, 755 wavelength (I suppose I will have to consult the new provider on all this again but these are the details I received from my old one).
Please let me know if you are/know of an appropriate referral in Minneapolis.
Thank you!

Hey Mocha, just want to share this while you are waiting for a person to get back to you - we have a practitioner locator here in the forum.


but it would be even much better if someone who had a success with a certain practitioner in your area will contact you, directly introduce you, give advises , etc.

Good luck! Wish you the best.

Thanks you so much “affordablelaser,” appreciate it! :slight_smile: