Want to start up a LHR clinic -- HELP

My question is a bit different from the trend of questions I’ve seen on this site. I’m 26 years old, graduated from University with a BSc degree and I’m interested in starting up my own LHR clinic (guess I would start out from home). Now, I don’t even know if such a thing is feasible. Do I need to be a doctor to do this in Canada? What kind of training would I require? Do I need to get insurance for this? What kind of laser would you recommend I purchase? I’d like something under CDN$10,000. Are there any sites that compare and contrast different lasers in terms of laser quality and price. Your time in answering this question is much appreciated. Great thanks!!

I’m not sure what the rules are up there. Check with Health Canada and the Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society (CLASS).

CLASS website

Health Canada/Santé Canada website