want to start hair removal at gym, any ideas?


I’am looking at using transdermal. Is there a better way? we will be doing everything from legs on body builders to upper lips on women. I almost went with global but read a bad report on this site. Has anyone delt with global or has a good direction I should look into? I like the idea of laser with the speed factor and many options but I am told transdermal is better? PLEASE SOME ONE WITH BACKGROUND IN THIS FEILD GIVE ME THE REAL SCOOP. Thanks, jason
gym manager


Welcome, jason! :smile:

Transdermal hair removal is a scam:

Hairfacts: transdermal hair removal

Global Electrolysis Supply is an even bigger scam.

Hairfacts: Global Electrolysis Supply (WARNING!)


Probe Electrolysis where metal is actually inserted into the follicle is the only FDA certified method of hair removal that can legally be called PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL.

If you want to give the real deal, you need to learn probe/needle electrolysis. To this extent, you should be getting a machine made by companies like Apilus, Silhouet-Tone, Fischer, Instantron, Hinkel, or Berkowits.

My favorites are the Silhouet-Tone Sequentium VMC, and the Apilus SX-500 with IMMPAC software.

You are lucky, because since Missouri is an unlicensed state, you can go someplace and learn how to do good electrolysis and be working the next day. I would suggest that you persue the credential Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) so that you can both show your level of achievement, and also protect yourself from being legislated out of business when and if your state does embrace licensure.

James W. Walker VII, CPE — Buffalo NY

PS, please contact me privately for more info on training, and equipment purchase. :wink: