Want to permanently remove unibrow PLS HELP!

I have some hair inbetween my eyebrows which i’d like to get rid of, so far i’ve just been trimming it with scissors every few days, but it’s still noticeable, i’d like to just get rid of it for good if that’s worth doing? or atleast have it unoticeable, would tweezers do this?

I’d prefer to do it myself, i’ve heard electrolysis is a good method and the one touch system seems to be popular here, but i’m in the uk so wouldn’t shipping be high?

Are there any home electrolysis kits i could buy direct from the uk that could do a job? i heard that babyliss one is a scam.

hi there,

try to reed already posted questions, specialy one posted on Nov.18 2003 to Andrea from Rafael from Poland. he was helped in the situation like your. and so far, my understending is there is no other product avelable on the market for home electrilisys , exept professonal ones, but One Touch, evrything else is a fraud.
if i am wrong, somebody , please correct me!

good luck!