Want to help wife

Good Afternoon,

My wife has very dark coarse chin hairs, she use to use Vaniqa but doesnt anymore because we are trying to get preggy. She has been diagnosed with mild PCOS and basically her chin hair is really all that shows.

She did go to Laser treatment a few years ago but only for a few months then she stopped going, basically the nurse whom did the treatment told her that “its as good as its going to get” referring to removing the chin hair permantly.

My questions are as followed.

  1. What can we do to PERMANTLY rid her of the chin hair? She has to shave every morning to get rid of it.

  2. Are there any products over the counter that other ladies have used that have worked? Like something electric razors or pads that may over time retard the hair growth so that it isnt as bad as before

  3. I can believe there is not a way to just “close up” the follicle or scare it permantly to keep hair from coming out, is there a procedure that does this that is different from laser? Is it electrolis ( I cant spell today) if so did it work for you and how do you deal with the pain my wife doesnt like the laser cause they hurt alot too and she cried alot from it.

  4. What about make up? Is there specific make up she could wear to hide the hair? She does a good job but sometime late in the day you can see the shadow growing back

I love my wife and she asked me for help with this, and I want to do all I can for her.


She should have started and finished with electrolysis from the beginning. The money you have spent on Vaniqua and LASER would have been enough to have eliminated all the hair she had on the day she took her first tube of Vaniqua home.

You need to search through your area to find a good electrolysis provider so that she can have this problem solved PERMANENTLY. She will need to stay on schedule, but she will finish.

After that, she needs to take good care of her health so that she doesn’t create new hairs in the future. Many ladies have unwanted hairs for no reason other than use of artificial sweeteners, side effects from a prescription drug, or some other thing that is causing them damage that the woman is unaware of at the time of use.

Get her to an electrologist asap. Have you ever heard of electrolysis? It’s been around as long as Budweiser beer and it works!!! The hard part might be finding a skilled electrologist. Read through hairtell on the electrolysis forum . Go to www.hairfacts.com and read everything about electrolysis. There is a consultation video there as well. READ! and then GO!


As a transgender person, I know several ways of camouflaging shadow with makeup, though for a GG most might be overkill and be more obvious than the shadow under the skin. If a common concealer makeup (such as for use under the eyes, or for pimples, or other small blemishes) does not work, try this.

For a small area like the chin, try a product called Color-Tration (colortration.com.) It is thin not chalky or cakey like some of the more extreme concealers, can be easily blended to her skin tone, and looks natural (up close it looks like regular liquid foundation) and has good staying power.

  • For a relatively small amount of hair on the face, you should strongly consider electrolysis. She would have to go for regular treatments for 9-12 months to get to a completely clear result. So it’s a commitment. But it’s worth it in my opinion.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Since she has a hormonal issue causing the hair to grow in the first place, this will continue to happen, i.e. she will need touchups a few times a year or so after she is “done” with permanent removal. This is for NEW hair she will develop with time because her body will continue to do this unless she will be on some type of medication to control the hormones.


I never heard of a sweetener that makes hair grow. Which one is it.
See, I learn from here too. There is no limit to what you can learn if you ask questions and keep your mind open.

Hi Vickie… you can always ask m to f people you know about this because they have the most experience with this and they know electrologists because they found one who helped them.

Actually, all so-called non-caloric sweeteners have the potential to cause unwanted hair growth. Some are more problematic than others, but they all trick the body into thinking that sugar has been introduced to the body, causing insulin to be dispatched to react with the non-existent sugar. Insulin is a HORMONE. What is one of the side effects of Diabetes? Increased hair growth. The more frequently a person uses so called non-caloric sweeteners, the more insulin is pumped into the system, eventually exhausting the body’s ability to make insulin fast enough and furthermore, unless the person ingests a REAL SUGAR or a startch to give the insulin something to work on, they start to become insulin resistent.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has written a great book on the lot of the sweeteners called, “Sweet Deception” You should read it over the weekend. I believe you will find it fascinating. (You may be one of the few people that I know who will look at the molecular diagram of Splenda and see how much it resembles the banned pesticide DDT)

I think its loveley that your trying to help your wife- i hope i find someone as supportive as you- heck i hope this isnt an issue neither then

Fear not LadyKK, you need only find a man who is not looking for a woman as a trophy in order to find what you seek.

I am not saying that guys like Ric Ocasek don’t love their Paulina Porizkova, but there is a little bit of the “In Your Face!” going on to the high school prom queen who would not give them a second thought happening there.

Of course, I am speaking as a guy who is most interested in a lady’s mind, more so than her body. Even when I was dating a model, what I liked most about her was her beautiful mind. The reason I broke up with her was her irrepentant unreliability. (and there are a few electrologists from a certain week long international seminar who know exactly what I am talking about.)

I think James’s comment to ladyKK is insensitive.
LadyKK your problem will be over in time and my response to you would never be look for a man who isnt looking for a trophy wife. I know what you feel and like my similiar issue I am trying to correct it. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

I think James’s comment to ladyKK is insensitive.
LadyKK your problem will be over in time and my response to you would never be look for a man who isnt looking for a trophy wife. I know what you feel and like my similiar issue I am trying to correct it. Good luck to you


Are you saying that women should look for men that are looking for a trophy wife??? I would think that most women would feel degraded to be a trophy wife. Do you understand what a trophy wife is? I’m hoping it’s a term you’re unfamiliar with.

Oh boy… I know James and he is not insensitive in the least! What is wrong with the words he said, “I am speaking as a guy who is most interested in a lady’s mind, more so than her body.” What woman would not be satisfied to hear those words? Men are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, but take heart men - most women appreciate your sweet attempts to be sensitive and kind.