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Is there any way we can get more information on a genetic hair removal solution? I too saw that program on the bbc about Dr Angela Christiano and her trying to use the hairless gene to rid a child of unwanted hair. It has been very quiet since regading any new findings. I have emailed the max plankt institute about their similar “gene cream” and got back a standard response saying thanks for your interest blah blah we are currently looking for commercial company…whatever. I tried emailing Dr Christiano but with no reply and the same again with Anti-Cancer Inc. Ive seen interviews with these people on the web carried out by sites that concentrate on eliminating baldness and the doctors say how difficult it is to grow hair but we all want to know how you can kill the hair, surely it must be easyer. How can we get in touch with people who could actualy make a difference? Even if it was just a clinical trial I would be first in the cue to give it a go (im that desperate!). If we keep bugging these people I think they would realise just how important it is for us. Look at how plastic surgery and breast implants have taken off in recent years (put michael jackson out of your mind for a moment). It too is a cosmetic thing but it means alot to people and there is a huge commercial market. If we all try together Im sure we can get some results. LETS DO IT!!! :smile:

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I completely agree, we need to make noise in order to be heard. We need to start letting everyone know that excessive hair leads to emotional problems and wellness. We need to help our children so they don’t need to carry around this silence and embarrassement. Doody, Where do we write? Who do we call?


The issue is that hair removal is not life threatening, so it’s down the list of priorities with most medical researchers.

Gene therapy has recently suffered a big setback with the disclosure that French children who had shown signs of improvement from gene therapy have now developed a leukemia-like condition. It is likely that this will cause a serious reduction in human clinical trials, even in life-threatening cases, let alone something like hair removal.