Wally Roberts, laser marketer, has died

I just got news from a reader, confirmed on another site, that Wallace “Wally” Roberts, died on 9 May 2005. He was an early promotor of laser hair removal, mainly through the Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists (SCME), now renamed SCMHR. His laser training facility in Naples, Florida was one of the first in the country dedicated to training practitioners in laser hair removal.

Mr. Roberts drew my ire over the years for his coinage and usage of the term “lasertrolysis,” which I consider to be a confusing term for consumers. It blurs important distinctions between the two methods of hair removal. Mr. Roberts was also involved in what hair removal industry news source Hair Route dubbed “LaserGate,” where SCME took a $50,000 “grant” from laser company Palomar to promote lasers to electrologists. Roberts had been very active in the Florida battles over who can perform laser hair removal.

Wallace was primarily working on making his school the only one a person could attend to be a legal practitioner of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation in Florida. The bill that would have made that a reality was narrowly defeated several times.

I wonder if the school will survive him.