Wal Mart Now Shelving Emjoi Epilators

I was surprised to see a whole rack at Walmart stocked with Emjoi Gently Soft epilators. They did advertise the Braun 3370’s on their website, but they were always out and never had them locally. I wonder why Emjoi and not Braun. Me thinks it has to do with profit. The Brauns have always impressed me with excellent quality and design. Maybe they just were too high priced for Wal Mart to consider selling retail.


I am sure that Wal-Mart wore out their welcome with Braun, and are now selling the cheaper Emjoi models. They run through manufacturers like Local Music Singers run through groupies. They eat their food, run up their utilities, and leave them with the bill, as they run to the next one leaving a trail of broken dreams behind them.

Yeah. Something like that.

What section of the store did you see them? I looked where they kept the electric shavers and didn’t see any in my wal-mart. Just wondering if they put them somewhere else in the store.