Wait, Spiro/Aldactone only affects body hair?? r/o

I was also wondering why I have had no energy this year I’ve been on Yasmin/Aldactone… 100mg no less! Gah! No wonder my body hair is less and my face is no different. sob I don’t understand why normalising hair production/etc is so hard for some women. They can put people on the moon, but, I can’t get rid of my sideburns! :frowning:

Now what really gets me angry is that I went to my doctor for facial hair reasons. I didn’t have acne and body hair, while more than most women, wasn’t my main issue. Now if I go off aldactone and Yasmin, am I going to turn into a full on cro-magnon?

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If you have concerns of growing hair once again when you get off the medication, stay on the Yasmin. Yasmin is just a birth control pill and contains anti-androgens. Staying on Yasmin will prevent new terminal hairs from growing on your body. Spironolactone is what is making you feel tired.

Therefore, if your hair growth rate has been reduced from the spironolactone, I’d just stick to the Yasmin to prevent any new terminal hairs from growing.